Francois Ozon’s new film FRANTZ debuts in Los Angeles on March 24

Posted by Larry Gleeson A haunting tale of love and reconciliation begins in a small town in Germany in the immediate aftermath of World War I when a young woman mourning the death of her fiancé encounters a mysterious Frenchman laying flowers on her beloved’s grave. Set in Germany and France in the immediate aftermath... Continue Reading →

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The AFI Interview: AFI Alumnus Charlie McDowell on THE DISCOVERY

Posted by Larry Gleeson By Director/writer Charlie McDowell (AFI Class of 2006) and writer Justin Lader (AFI Class of 2008) pair up once again for THE DISCOVERY, their followup to 2014’s THE ONE I LOVE. The film is another high-concept, relationship-based mystery, this time revolving around questions of faith and the afterlife. It stars Rooney Mara,... Continue Reading →

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Posted by Larry Gleeson Newly announced special guests, films and special presentations include Martin Sheen and Larry Peerce discussing THE INCIDENT (1967); director James L. Brooks introducing a 30th anniversary screening of his film BROADCAST NEWS (1987); actor Keir Dullea introducing a screening of Frank Perry’s DAVID AND LISA (1962); Elia Kazan’s AMERICA AMERICA (1963)... Continue Reading →

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TCM Celebrates Legendary Actor Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas will attend the 2017 TCM Classic Film Festival for a pair of major events. On April 8, Douglas will sit down with TCM host Ben Mankiewicz for an in depth interview about his career and will participate in a discussion following a screening of the 1979 thriller The China Syndrome, which he produced and starred in opposite Jane Fonda and Jack Lemmon.

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HollywoodGlee sits down with the critically acclaimed Dream Boat director, Tristan Ferland Milewski

Tristan Ferland Milewski has directed numerous documentary portraits about top pop acts like Madonna, Britney Spears and Marilyn Manson among others and was responsible for the script and direction of the documentary series MAKE LOVE – ONE CAN LEARN HOW TO MAKE LOVE (nominated for the German Television Prize 2017, a gebrueder beetz production). DREAM... Continue Reading →

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FILM REVIEW: Django (Comar, 2017): France

Coming in at a surprisingly quick 117 minutes, Django is an exceptional film illuminating a gifted artist struggling with his sensibility regarding the use of his music for political purposes. Underneath, the narrative is a powerful look at the treatment of the Roma camps and their survivability as the German Army closes in. Highly recommended.

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