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PALMER Releases Official Trailer

My good friend, Beezee, sent me a heads up on Palmer, an upcoming American drama about an ex-convict who befriends a troubled youth. Palmer is directed by Fisher Stephens and written by Cheryl Guerriero.

Beezee had an ex-girlfriend whose brother-in-law had a sister-in-law named Wynn who had a role in Palmer. Normally when I get a message like this it goes straight into File 13. But, the only other time Beezee sent me a heads up on a film, was on St. Louisan Jim Gunn’s 2014 Guardians of The Galaxy (worldwide box office $773 million). So, I pulled out my phone and took a peek at Palmer and saw a few names I recognized – Justin Timberlake, Alisha Wainwright, and rising-star Juno Temple, who I inauspiciously interviewed here as part of Kat O’Brien’s Lost Transmissions team.

I called Beezee and said Palmer looked good commenting on the cast I saw first while explaining I didn’t see Wynn (I believed Wynn to be a Vietnamese physician I had met in St. Louis) but I would look further into it. Beezee obstreperously informed me Wynn was not Vietnamese and was a successful actress who happened to be a sister-in-law of an ex-girlfriend. I reiterated I would pursue the matter further. I began my research and caught Palmer’s trailer.

Pretty good trailer as far as trailers go. Eye-catching visuals, brief character moments, and some soundtrack. Talented performer Justin Timberlake is the centerpiece. Alisha Wainright is the main course and Wynn Everett (yes, that Wynn) is the dessert. 

Alisha Wainwright (IMDb photo)

And, if the smooth eye-popping trailer wasn’t enough, thanks again to Beezee, I got a chance to peruse Palmer’s soundtrack, a soulful Southern Rock vibe with Nathaniel Rateliff writing and performing most of the tunes. Unfortunately for me, this was the first time I had heard Rateliff. One thing I know for sure, it won’t be the last.

Palmer is scheduled for a January 29th premiere on Apple TV+ and is currently listed as in post-production. Mark the calendar like this one has all the makings for a deep, tear-jerking, emotional roller-coaster ride movie night!

Until next time, stay healthy. Stay happy. I look forward to seeing you at the movies!

Larry Gleeson/HollywoodGlee

*Featured photo: Wynn Everett (IMDb)