World Premiere: DREAM BOAT documentary to screen at Berlin Film Festival

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World Premiere of DREAM BOAT

by Tristan Ferland Milewski

Official Selection – Section Panorama Dokumente Berlinale 2017



A cruise ship and 3,000 men – it is a universe without heteros and women that usually remains a mystery to the outside world. Once a year the DREAM BOAT sets sail for a cruise exclusively for gay men where most passengers are united by the wish to live life dreamboat_berlinauthentically as themselves in a protected place: Dipankar from India escaped an arranged marriage and now throws himself into the action to find his dream man. But the gay community‘s ideal of masculinity increasingly becomes a tight corset for him. Ramzi from Palestine was persecuted by the police in his home country, Palestine, for being gay and had to start a new life in Europe with nothing. The Frenchman Philippe was let down by his family when he was bound to a wheelchair. The more important is his long-term relationship with his partner, and his gay substitute family. Martin from Austria enjoys the hedonism and abundant choice of men to the full and gives perspectives on how to deal with HIV today. Marek from Poland, has everything he needs to stand out on the men’s market, thanks to his trained body. However, he feels lonely in the crowd. Now the countdown is on for seven days of hunting for freedom, love, and happiness – but on board are also their personal stories, their doubts and uncertainties…



Tristan Ferland Milewski has directed numerous documentary portraits about top pop acts like Madonna, among others and was responsible for the script and direction of the documentary series MAKE LOVE – ONE CAN LEARN HOW TO MAKE LOVE (nominated for the German Television Prize 2017). DREAM BOAT is his first feature-length documentary for theatrical release.

Dream Boat Director , Tristan Ferland Milewski (Photo courtesy of Koelner Filmpresse)

The film has been produced by the award winning production company gebrueder beetz filmproduktion (Sundance, IDFA, SXSW).



Deutschland  2017

92 Min. / OmU



(Source: Press release courtesy of Koelner Filmpresse)

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