Orecchie is a story about a man who wakes up one morning with an irritating ringing in his ears. The note on the fridge reads “Luigi has died. P.S. I took the car”. This one day journey through a circus of absurd characters will end up with him giving a funeral speech to the recently deceased Luigi. By the way, who the hell is Luigi?

Highly recommended. This is one fun film! Shot in B & W with a look and feel of a Jim Jarmush film, the viewer sees compelling people, places and things on this road less traveled.

Orecchie is directed by Alessandro Aronadio and produced by Costanza Coldagelli.


Aronadio is no stranger to the film as he tells us, “I collaborate (for lectures and courses, 2012-2013) with the Scuola Holden in Turin, LUISS University in Rome, and several American Universities in Italy: Washington University, NYU, Cornell University, California State University, De Paul University, Monash University, Rhode Island School of Design. I write articles for the Psychology Journal Gruppi and for the magazine of Cinema critics CloseUp.

In 2011 I founded the KiNO, a cineclub in Rome which screens international films (in original language) and hosts Q&As with famous actors or directors (recently, the Academy Award winner writer and director Paul Haggis). I’m one of the programmers.

In 2010 I wrote Lo strano caso del dr. David e di mr. Cronenberg – saggio sul Doppio nel cinema, published by Bietti ed. (Milan), on the Double in the cinema of the Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg. Between 2004 and 2006 I’m the artistic director of the Kals’Art Festival (cinema section) in Palermo, Sicily.

In 2005, my script “La neve, piano” wins the 2nd award at the Autori da scoprire National contest. In 2004, with my short story Dove Sei , I was selected to represent Italy at the “Klandestini” literature festival, organized by the British Council in Malta. As a photographer, in 2001 I won the International contest of the Association Europenne des Cheminots, followed by two exhibitions in Palermo, Sicily. In 2000, my short story Billie Holiday, won the National literature contest Trasgressori, and was published by Malatempora ed., Rome.”

Likewise, Producer Costanza Coldagelli has numerous production credits to date and her biography is under development. Rest assured there is no shortage of talent in Coldagelli!

(Excerpt from http://www.labiennale.com)


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