Jesus VR – Comes To Life at Venice

I just experienced Jesus VR – The Story of Christ: a special 40-minute presentation of the first feature length Virtual Reality (VR) film in the VR Theater at the Venice Film Festival. The film, with a run time of 90 minutes, is slated for a timely Christmas Season release and is being produced by AUTUMN™ VR Inc. and VRWERX, LLC.

Festival attendees are donning the virtual reality goggles for the advent of Jesus VR presentation. (Photo Credit: Larry Gleeson/HollywoodGlee)

From start to release the project will cover eighteen months come December 2016. With roughly 2.5 billion Christians and more than 2 billion smartphones globally, Jesus VR seems positioned to make a strong entrance into the VR  platform with the big production AUTUMN™ VR Inc. and VRWERX, LLC put together. And viewers won’t be disappointed.

Jesus VR has a strong story line, solid acting and strong production values to match. Put this one on your Christmas list of films to watch. You’ll be glad you did. Special equipment is required. And, a theatrical experience including the VR goggles is part of the distribution roll out.

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