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Palm Springs Film Festival – January 3rd

Posted by Larry Gleeson

A stand-alone Film Festival Store  for the Palm Springs International Film Festival is featuring a complete collection of Film Festival Merchandise at Destination PSP. The Festival Store is now open and will be open every day except New Year’s Day through January 16.
The Festival Store is located in the Regal Cinema Courtyard Plaza, unit 16,
just down from the Regal Cinemas and across the courtyard from the
Festival Ticket and Information Center.

You can also shop online at Destination PSP by clicking HERE.




Tuesday, January 37:45 pm
Annenberg Auditorium
118 Minute Running Time


In CAPTAIN FANTASTIC, Ben Cash (Viggo Mortensen) is raising his six children in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, putting them through both vigorous physical and intellectual exercises in the mountains’ fresh air. Far away from Snapchat and Snapple, the kids develop a unique sense of themselves and their family identity. But Cash’s tough homeschooling challenges conventional ideas about family and childhood. Ben has given up the outside world and whatever personal ambitions it held for him to devote his life to being the best father he thinks he can be. The question becomes: is he the best father in the world or the worst? Is what he’s doing insane or insanely great?

Viggo Mortensen and Writer/Director Matt Ross will be present for an onstage discussion of the film following the screening. To purchase tickets click HERE.



Monday, January 97:30 pm
Mary Pickford Theatre
90 Minute Running Time
It seems like every year there are more and more submissions competing for the handful of spots in the Academy’s Best Film in a Foreign Language category. This year there were 89, of which 85 were accepted. In December that field was shortlisted to nine, and the final feinberg_psifffive nominees will be announced January 24th.
No audience anywhere will have the chance to see as many of these movies side by side as we here at PSIFF. Over the past three years we have also been delighted to bring together a panel of international filmmakers whose work is being showcased in this forum, to talk about their art, international exposure, awards, audiences, and whatever else is top of mind at this time.

Clips from their films will round out the discussion, moderated by Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg. All panelists’ films are showcased in the festival’s Awards Buzz program. To purchase tickets click HERE.




Thursday, January 126:45 PM – PSHS
U.S. – 2017 – 84 minutes
Director: Gus Van Sant
North American Premiere
Gus van Sant and Dustin Lance Black, who brought us the Academy Award®-winning Milk, have teamed up again for this ambitious, impassioned seven-part docudrama that charts the rise of the Gay Liberation movement from its embattled origins in the 1960s to wits 21st-century triumphs. The entire series will be aired on ABC, a breakthrough for network television.
In the first two-hour episode, directed by van Sant, we follow the stories of the young Arizonian Cleve Jones (Guy Pearce), who would become a major LGBT activist working alongside Harvey Milk; the gay, African American, Vietnam vet Ken Jones (Michael Kenneth Williams), who has to contend with both the straight world’s homophobia and racism within the gay community; and the initially closeted women’s right activist from Boston, Roma Guy (Mary-Louise Parker). All their lives are transformed when they arrive in 1960s San Francisco, where the sexual revolution is in full bloom, even as the politicians and police desperately try to purge the city of its “deviant” citizens.
Stirring and uncompromising, this show’s message of protest and inclusion couldn’t come at a better time.
Guest who will be attending the screening include Gus Van Sant, Dustin Lance Black, Guy Pearce, Rachel Griffiths, and Ivory Aquino.
The Gay!La Party at Toucans Tiki Lounge will follow the screening.
To purchase tickets to the screening of WHEN WE RISE, click HERE.
To purchase tickets to the Gay!La Party at Toucans Tiki Lounge click HERE.
U.S. * 2016 * 70 minutes
Directors: Alicia Brauns, Christine Steele
World Premiere
Fri, Jan 6 * 10:00 AM * Camelot
Sat, Jan 7 * 12:30 PM * Camelot
This moving documentary traces the evolution of Steve Maloney’s eponymous mixed-media sculpture, in which he took a wrecked
Huey helicopter, restored it and transformed it into a remarkable memorial to the men who served and lost their lives in Vietnam. It’s a salutary reminder of the healing power of art.
The Huey helicopter will be on display at the Camelot Theatres. Directors Alicia Brauns and Christine Steele will be attending the screenings. Tickets are available. Click HERE.
Friday, January 611:30 AM – Regal
Austria – 2015 – 375 minutes
Director: David Schalko
Special Presentation
Dallas for the insane,” per creator David Schalko, this wickedly funny eight-part Austrian TV series is a vicious, grandly grotesque saga about an industrialist (played to the hilt by our own Udo Kier) who needs a new liver, pronto, and the first of his relatives to secure one will inherit the estate… Showing in two sittings.
Guest attending the screening include Director: David Schalko and Actor: Udo Kier
Purchase tickets HERE.
You can read the official 2017 Palm Springs International Film Festival
Souvenir Program Book online.
Just click HERE.