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Talking Pictures

This series of special programs is devoted to exploring the careers and creative choices of some of the top talents in the world of film. Oscar®-caliber directors, actors, screenwriters and other creative talents engage with leading entertainment journalists and audiences in a conversation about contemporary cinema. Each program begins with a screening of our guest’s latest film, which is followed by an in-depth conversation hosted by a moderator. For information on additional Talking Pictures visit the Palm Springs International Film Festival website.

Viggo Mortensen
Captain Fantastic

Tuesday, January 37:45 pm
Annenberg Auditorium
118 Minute Running Time



In CAPTAIN FANTASTIC, Ben Cash (Viggo Mortensen) is raising his six children in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, putting them through both vigorous physical and intellectual exercises in the mountains’ fresh air. Far away from Snapchat and Snapple, the kids develop a unique sense of themselves and their family identity. But Cash’s tough homeschooling challenges conventional ideas about family and childhood. Ben has given up the outside world and whatever personal ambitions it held for him to devote his life to being the best father he thinks he can be. The question becomes: is he the best father in the world or the worst? Is what he’s doing insane or insanely great?
Viggo Mortensen and Writer/Director, Matt Ross will be present for an onstage discussion of the film following the screening.

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