David Lynch and Johnny Depp are helping a teenager with stage four cancer make a gory zombie film

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By Olivia Waring

Horror fan Anthony Conti has stage four kidney cancer, but thanks to the Make A Film Foundation, his short film The Black Ghiandola, starring Depp, Lynch, Laura Dern and JK Simmons, is in post-production.

It was also co-directed by three massive Hollywood names — Evil Dead director Sam Raimi, Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke and St Vincent director Ted Melfi — during the five-day shoot.


The synopsis of the film, which Conti wrote himself, reads: ‘The Black Ghiandola centers on a young man, played by Anthony Conti, who risks his life to save the girl he loves, after his family is wiped out during a zombie apocalypse.’

Conti, who lives in Hollywood, already had experience making his own comedy/sci-fi YouTube series, The Satanic Zucchini Show.

He later managed to get this new project off the ground after contacting Make A Film Foundation to get hold of a copy of one of their other movies.

Writing The Black Ghiandola apparently helped Conti fight his cancer, and stars involved in the project have paid tribute to the ‘courageous’ youngster in touching a video from the foundation.

The teen also uploaded a shot of the letter he received from the American Film Institute telling him Sam Raimi would be directing his movie, which must have been a huge moment for him.


Conti, who is undergoing chemotherapy, received financial help from dozens of Hollywood businesses, including channel AMC who make his fave show The Walking Dead, plus family members and online supporters.

Snaps from the set of the film show just how much fun all those taking part had, and how much fake blood was deployed, too.


Depp appears to be playing a doctor who gets attacked by flesh-eating zombies, a role he no doubt relished.


*Photos from @ThatOneAnt22 Instagram

(Source: http://metro.co.uk)

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  1. What a wonderful moment for this young man! Keep up the courage and positive attitude!

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