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Opening Night Film at the 22nd SLO Film Fest 2016

Markus Horn, A German pianist/composer, mesmerized the audience on a baby grand piano with an original musical score accompaniment to the classic German Expressionist silent film masterpiece, Nosferatu (link to my full review) at the Spanos Theatre on the Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo campus, Tuesday, March 15, 2016. Nosferatu was presented by SLO Film Fest sponsors BHE Renewables, Union Bank and KZOZ. Film goers arrived early to witness this exciting and noteworthy event and to cast ballots for original art works in competition for for Official SLO Film Fest Poster status.

(Photo Credit: Kevin J. O’Connor/HollywoodGlee)

Throughout the evening’s film Horn brilliantly matched the photographic score in creating a dream like atmosphere for the minimalized intertitled narrative. Horn’s intense symbiosis of film and music culminated in a rousing, standing ovation by an enraptured audience at the film’s end.

(Photos courtesy of San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce)

(Featured photo provided courtesy of San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce)