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A riveting journey!

A WORM IN THE HEART, an extraordinary documentary about LGBTQ+ life in Russia, world premiered at the Santa Barbara Int’l Film Festival on Friday, January 17th.

A WORM IN THE HEART details the extraordinary lives and brave stories of the diverse LGBTQ+ communities across Russia. Shot in six cities along the Trans-Siberian railway and utilizing intimate interviews about current Russian life, this documentary features deeply personal and moving accounts from activists and non-activists alike. The film follows Paul Rice and Liam Jackson Montgomery, a gay couple from Ireland and Wales, as they meet with the many heroic members of the LGBTQ+ community who risk their lives living authentically under oppressive laws and prejudices – from Nobel Peace prize nominees and international activists to drag queen performers thriving in remote Siberia. A WORM IN THE HEART is a never before seen collection of emotionally driven stories captured on their journey that poignantly documents the current state of the Russian LGBTQ+ community.

Said director Paul Rice, “The people I met with along this journey have profoundly impacted mine and my partner Liam’s life, and I hope that this documentary will spread their stories and messages further afield. The LGBTQ+ community is not confined to national borders, and I believe it is entirely our global responsibility to use our voices and talents to support the rights of LBGTQ+ communities in Russia.”

The film will be playing festivals throughout the year.


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