Work wrapping up at Lido for Venice Film Festival

Workers wrapping up the day at the Lido Casino for the 73rd Venice International Film Festival. Opening night is slated for August 31st, 2016. (Photo credit: Larry Gleeson/HollywoodGlee)
Workers have begun wrapping it up at Lido for the 73rd Venice International Film Festival. A Pre-opening Night film showcase featuring the historic works from the Lumiere Brothers on “views” of Venice, shot and constructed over a three year period from 1896 through 1898 jump starts this year’s event with an 8:30PM Invitation-only SCEENING at Sala Darsena. Furthermore, in recognition of Luigi Comencini’s one-hundreth birthday, a screening of his Tutti a casa, will accompany the Lumiere Brothers” Venice.  The Festival has decided to cancel the Opening Night Gala out of respect for the earthquake victims in Amatrice. Nevertheless, the line-up  features 20 films vying for this year’s Golden Lion. Each and every one of this year’s selection is a bona-fied contender.

In addition, Virtual reality has found a home with Jesus VR – The Story of Christ. A special 40 minute preview of the first feature length virtual reality film will be available for viewing on the 2nd floor of the Casino beginning September 1st.

Even though La La Land, the Opening Night Film, and Jackie, a hot ticket item,  are not receiving the studios significant marketing and publicity efforts here at Lido this year, The Light Between Oceans, is generating heightened buzz commisserate with the blossoming chemistry, on and off-screen, between the film’s dynamic co-stars, Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander.

As with any festival, surprises are waiting to be unveiled. Who or what is waiting for the opportunity at Lido? A wise place to look is the New York Film Academy Student Showcase.

(Photo credit: Larry Gleeson/HollywoodGlee)
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This 73rd edition of the Venice Film Festival seems to be offering something for everyone. On September 2nd, Dawn of the Dead restored in 4K , has the midnight madness audience licking its chops. Following on the heels of the restored Dawn of the Dead is the Final Cut in Venice  workshop from Septmber 3rd through September 5th as part of the Venice Production Bridge. In keeping in line with keeping it fresh, the festival continues to explore its international audiences with its 5th Sala Web offering film lovers from around the world the opportunity to see world premieres and to follow the Biennale buzz on The Venice Classics section is screening the censored Moshen Makhamalbaf film, Shabhaye Zayandeh – rood (The Nights of Zayandeh – rood ). Last but not least, the independently run Venice Days section is launching 18 world premieres.

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