@GrubTribe Producers Gain Acceptance to Newport Beach Film Festival (#NbFF) with Pascal Olhats Documentary

The Newport Beach Film Festival accepted “La Tradition” for an April 23th screening at their 2016 event. The movie charts the evolution of Pascal Olhats’ influence on the fine dining scene in Southern California. The title of the film is the name of Olhats’ first ground-breaking Newport Beach restaurant.
“Some people will do anything to get close to my food!” said Olhats, the colorful subject of the film. “GrubTribe got the idea to bring cameras. Why not? I always welcome people with good taste!”

“We couldn’t be more thrilled,” said the film’s director, Jeff Fliegler. “Pascal is one of my personal heroes, and it was such a great experience to tell his story. For the past year, we’ve been following Pascal and all the chefs he’s mentored to get the footage for the film. We captured some fascinating stories and sentiments.”


The documentary biopic reveals the man, the myths, the restaurants, the disciples and the culinary creations behind this internationally recognized master.


The movie was produced by the team behind the foodie site GrubTribe.com. It’s their first documentary effort, but they’ve been producing chef, restaurant and culinary demonstration videos since 2014. The team also manages a video production company called Mycena.


The movie follows the story of Olhats’ rise to greatness, the people he elevated, the food he crafted, and his evolving influence on the Orange County fine dining scene. It’s a touching, informative and sometimes hilarious view into the world of a local master.


“The movie is not just about food,” said GrubTribe co-founder Phil Dunn. “It’s about how one person can bring a community together and spread prosperity through personal craft. Pascal has that rare ability to connect people through wonderful creations and a spirit of brotherhood.”

Tickets for La Tradition are available here: TICKETS

(Press release courtesy of La Tradition & GrubTribe)

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