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Patagonia Films Unveils Three-piece Film Set for 2022 Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Posted by Larry Gleeson

Patagonia Films Unveils Three-piece Film Set for 2022 Santa Barbara International Film Festival


As the Santa Barbara Film Festival is kicking off THE PHANTOM OF THE OPEN at 8 P.M. tonight at the historic Arlington RTheatre in downtown Santa Barbara, Patagonia Films announced it is showcasing three films:


The Yin and Yang of Gerry Lopez – World Premier
Directed by Stacy Peralta 
Thurs, March 3 – 8:40 PM (followed by a post-screening Q&A with Gerry Lopez and Stacy Peralta)
Sat, March 5 – 8:20 AM 
Location: Metro 4
From Award-Winning documentary filmmaker Stacy Peralta comes Patagonia’s The Yin and Yang of Gerry Lopez, a film that lifts the veil on one of surfing’s most enigmatic heroes. Known as Mr. Pipeline for his calm demeanor in the tube, Gerry Lopez built his career with aggressive surfing that left behind a trail of blood and tears. He is one of the most influential surfers and surfboard shapers of all time, an entrepreneur, a family man, a movie star, and a lifelong yogi who brought surfing to new frontiers. For the first time, the story of this enigmatic hero is being told in full. 



Directed by Andrew Burton and Michael Kirby Smith 
Locations: Metro 1, Tues, March 8 – 5:00 PM
                   Fiesta 2, Thurs, March 10 – 8:30 AM
Water will erase Newtok, Alaska. Built on a delta at the edge of the Bering Sea, the tiny Yup’ik village has been dealing with melting permafrost, river erosion, and decaying infrastructure for decades. To keep their culture and community intact, the 360 Yup’ik residents must relocate their entire village to stable ground upriver while facing a federal government that has failed to take appropriate action to combat climate change. In moving their village, they will become some of America’s first 21st-century climate refugees. It is a verité portrait of a village seeking justice in the face of climate disaster.
The Ocean Solution
Part of the ‘Nature Shorts’ 
Directed by Darcy Hennessey Turenne
Locations: Tuesday, March 8 – 11:20 AM, Metro 2
                  Thursday, March 10 – 7:20 PM, Fiesta 2
Farming under the sea? Meet Bren Smith, the ocean farming pioneer whose vertical kelp and shellfish farms can transform the way food is produced. As a commercial fisherman, Bren’s career was nearly wrecked by the crashing cod stocks in the North Atlantic; he then turned to oyster farming, just in time for catastrophic, climate-driven storms to show him there wasn’t a solid future in that, either. Unwilling to tether himself to land, he took the hard lessons learned and returned to the sea with a new method of restorative ocean farming. What he discovered is a way to produce large quantities of nutritious food that also fights the climate crisis, cleans the ocean, creates aquatic habitat and sustains his sea-going way of life.