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SBIFF features a free ten-year anniversary screening of SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK followed by insightful Q & A

Posted by Larry Gleeson

Friday night at the 37th Santa Barbara International Film Festival Friday night featured a free ten-year anniversary screening of SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK.

Following the free screening an insightful Q&A with writer & director David O. Russell and editor Jay Cassidy, moderated by SBIFF Executive Director, Roger During, was held.



Highlights from the conversation included:

Director David O. Russell on the film’s focus on mental health: “The film for me was very personal, because in my family we have this… and Robert also had it in his family so he related to it, and Bradley and Jennifer were both gifted with a beautiful craziness themselves, so they related to it. I’ve had many people come up to me over the years who were grateful for the removal of the stigma.”


Editor Jay Cassidy on working with Bradley Cooper in the editing room: “His truth-ometer is very high and that was very helpful…He can really be hard on himself, on us, the cut, and that’s a great force to have around. His interest was not a couple of afternoons, his interest was weeks…that dedication we all grew to respect.”


David O. Russell on why the film still appeals to audiences ten years later: “I loved watching it right now! I was standing over there and I was crying and I was laughing…it just came out real nice and it’s a nice thing to look at and feel.”


Of note, the Santa Barbara International Film Festival joined Direct Relief to deliver aid in response to the Ukraine crisis. The fundraiser has reached over $92K! Please help us reach our goal of $100K by sharing the link to donate here: SBIFF.org/Ukraine.


(News release courtesy of Michelle Tarangelo, Sunshine Sachs)