Jimmy Carter, Rock & Roll President Premieres on CNN

Posted by Larry Gleeson

Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President

Jimmy Carter, Rock & Roll President, directed by Mary Wharton, provides an artistic view into the influence of music on Jimmy Carter’s upbringing and its influence on making of the 39th President of the United States of America. Once Carter became President, White House Lawn gatherings, organized by the First Lady Rosalynn Carter, became widely coveted social events. And Wharton provides spot-on footage, voice-overs, and montages of stills photographs to perfection.

Jimmy Carter, the Naval Officer, author, poet, a nuclear physicist, and a peanut farmer from small-town Plains, Georgia, would go on to lead a life of service negotiating peace deals (winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002), advocating for voter rights, and building homes for the less fortunate. He continues to this day with the love of his life, Rosalynn. Jimmy Carter, Rock & Roll President is one of the most fascinating biographical documentaries, I have ever seen. While many might feel compelled to say, “I like Jimmy Carter, the man, but not Jimmy Carter, the President.” I say, “Well…you need to watch Jimmy Carter, Rock & Roll President.” Highly recommended!

Jimmy Carter, Rock & Roll President premiered on CNN, January 3rd, 2021.


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