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Sharon Stone announces today’s AFI Movie Club selection: ALL ABOUT EVE. The film is #28 on AFI’s 100 Years…100 Movies – 10th Anniversary Edition list and Eve Harrington’s scheming ingénue graces AFI’s list of the most diabolical movie villains! The film’s iconic quote – “Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy night” – is ranked #9 for the greatest movie quotes of all time.

ALL ABOUT EVE received 14 Academy Award® nominations and is the only film ever to receive four female acting nominations – Bette Davis and Anne Baxter were nominated for Best Actress, while Celeste Holm and Thelma Ritter were nominated for Best Supporting Actress. In this exclusive AFI Archive video, Bette Davis and costume designer Edith Head talk about working on the film.


Mary Orr, who wrote the short story “The Wisdom of Eve” on which the film is based, received no onscreen or official credit for her story.

Claudette Colbert was originally cast in the role of Margo Channing but was forced to withdraw from the production when she injured her back. Bette Davis was then offered the role, which revitalized her career.

Bette Davis and co-star Gary Merrill became romantically involved during filming. They married in July 1950 and adopted a baby girl, whom they aptly named Margot.

Zsa Zsa Gabor, who was newly married to George Sanders (Addison DeWitt), kept dropping by set because she was worried about the young blonde ingénue acting opposite him. It was none other than Marilyn Monroe.

ALL ABOUT EVE received 14 Oscar® nominations—a record that remained unbroken until 1998 when it was tied by TITANIC and later LA LA LAND. It marks the only time a film has received four female actings Oscar® nominations – Bette Davis and Anne Baxter for Best Actress and Celeste Holm and Thelma Ritter for Best Supporting Actress.


The movie doesn’t end at the credits. Engage with your family, friends, and others like you who love the movies. Check out the AFI Movie Club Discussion Questions for this movie and post your responses in the comment section!

Join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram now using #AFIMovieClub. Or post your responses in the comment section below. 

-How does screenwriter Joseph L. Mankiewicz use a revolving door of narrators throughout the film? What effect does it have in terms of perspective? 

-Mankiewicz’s Academy Award®-winning script is known for its razor-sharp wit and biting humor. What is your favorite line? 

-How is Eve Harrington an unconventional antagonist? 

-How does Margo characterize being a woman aging in Hollywood, and what is the internal conflict that she struggles with throughout the film? 

-ALL ABOUT EVE is still the only film to ever be Oscar®-nominated for four female performances. Which is your favorite and why? 

-What other movies about show business, and Broadway, in particular, do you love? 

-How would you rate ALL ABOUT EVE? 

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