BOX OFFICE SURPRISE: Record-breaking open for SAFE SPACES

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Free Speech Docudrama Notches Highest Per Screen Average in The Nation, 2nd Highest Box Office Gross For a Documentary On a Single Screen Ever

Comedy under fire in NO SAFE SPACES

October 26, 2019 (Los Angeles, CA) – ‘No Safe Spaces,’ the much-anticipated docudrama Safe Spaceson free speech starring podcast king Adam Carolla and radio talk show host Dennis Prager opened strong, raking in an estimated $45,000 on one screen in Phoenix, Arizona, making it the second-largest opening weekend box office on a single screen for a documentary, behind Michael Moore’s ‘Sicko.”

‘No Safe Spaces,’ which features an eclectic cast of cultural figures across the political spectrum like Van Jones, Tim Allen, Cornel West, Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and Alan Dershowitz, will expand this week in Phoenix as well as open exclusive engagements in San Diego and Denver. Limited engagements will follow on November 8th in Tampa, Greenville, and Spartanburg and lead to the wide distribution of the film on November 15th.“Thank you to our fans in Phoenix, your support of our work means everything to me,” noted Adam Carolla. “I’m really proud of this movie and hope the rest of the country will love it as much as we and our fans in Phoenix do.”

“We had a great partner in Phoenix with our friends at Harkins and we are thrilled with the numbers,” noted producer Mark Joseph.

Originally scheduled for a handful of showtimes, the theater was flooded with ticket sales requests and quickly expanded to accommodate demand throughout the week.

In NO SAFE SPACES, Carolla and Prager travel the country, talking to experts and advocates on the Left and Right, tour college campuses, and examine their own upbringings to try to understand the threats free speech faces as the First Amendment and the very idea of freedom of speech are under attack in America today.

“I have a different take on the old saying,” laughed Prager who grew up in Brooklyn. “If you can make it Phoenix, you can make it anywhere. We thank the people of Phoenix for giving us wind at our back as we present this movie to the rest of America.”

NO SAFE SPACES (Docudrama/Documentary)

Starring: Adam Carolla, Dennis Prager.
Also featuring: Tim Allen, Van Jones, Jordan Peterson, Alan Dershowitz, Ben Shapiro, Cornel West, Dave Rubin

Producer: Mark Joseph
Director: Justin Folk
Writer: John Sullivan

Running Time: 95 minutes
Rating: PG-13

Key Art title treatment

(Source: Press release from Henry Eshelman, Platform Media Group

*Featured photo: Adam Corolla (Photo courtesy of No Safe Spaces film)

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