Park Circus in Bologna’s cinephile heaven

Posted by Larry Gleeson

Bologna once again transforms into cinephile heaven from 24 June – 2 July as the city hosts the 31st edition of Il Cinema Ritrovato; the world’s premiere event celebrating classic film both in its original format and in newly restored versions.

Park Circus is pleased to continue its fruitful collaboration with the festival and will be presenting a variety of titles in the ever-inspiring programme – we’ve picked out some highlights below.

River of No ReturnThis year’s festival poster boy is Robert Mitchum; an unconventional and unforgettable leading man whose centenary we are celebrating in Bologna and beyond in 2017. Il Cinema Ritrovato pays tribute to the actor with a section dedicated to his work, focusing on his effortless range and diverse catalogue of character-types. Selections highlight his work as a rugged Western star in River of No Return and his late-career return to the noir genre in films such as The Yakuza.

Mildred PierceJoan Crawford is another actor whose chameleonic qualities are on show in this year’s line-up. Two choice titles – Mildred Pierce and Johnny Guitar – chart her career evolution from the matriarch of melodrama to a performer in camp, self-conscious genre fare. Both screen from 4K DCPs – the new digital print of Mildred Pierce receives its international premiere at the festival.

Saturday Night FeverHighlights from recent festivals also make a welcome reappearance at Il Cinema Ritrovato, with the new restorations of Saturday Night Fever and Blow-Up screening fresh after their success in Cannes. Both offer audiences a unique opportunity to experience these classics anew: Saturday Night Fever screens as a newly compiled director’s cut featuring previously omitted footage, while Blow-Up is presented from a new print out of Bologna’s own leading restoration lab, L’immagine ritrovata.


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