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Il Cinema Ritrovato, a film festival dedicated to the rediscovery of rare and little-known films with a particular focus on cinema origins and the silent movie period, is gearing up for its 3oth edition this June 24th through July 2nd, 2017, with four complete festival sections; the Cinephiles Heaven, the Time Machine, the Space Machine and the Kids and Young Cinema Rediscovered. In addition, a team of film critics headed by Roy Menarini will cover the festival with daily news, interviews, editorials and reviews. A group of young cinephiles, ranging from 16 to 20 years old, will join the editorial board of Cinefilia Ritrovata. Their best contributions will be published on-line.

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About Cinema Ritrovato – Thirty Years Of Emotions

Cinema Ritrovato is turning thirty this year. It’s been thirty long and yet fast years: memories of our first pioneering editions, when brave movie archivists bring their treasures to our historic single-screen Lumière theater, are still fresh in our minds. Today it takes five screens to show all the movies and Piazza Maggiore can hardly contain our increasingly international, enthusiastic and knowledgeable audience. We want to celebrate our festival with all the love and warmth it deserves, and toast with gratitude to all those who contributed to making Il Cinema Ritrovato grow so fast and impetuously and to be recognized and cherished around the world. And so we will celebrate, in every theater with all the archivists, critics, historians, artists, film-lovers and friends who will join us to present their work, share experiences and simply watch movies. We will celebrate with our time-machine journey, back to 1896 and from there throughout the whole 20th century; And with a space machine that will take us on a journey across European, Latin American, US, Asian and African films. This year’s edition will be full of certainties and surprises: eight days of screenings in five theaters, from morning till night; Eight nights in the world’s most extraordinary cinema in the world, Piazza Maggiore, and three in the magic intimacy of Piazzetta Pasolini; Over four hundred films and twenty programs; Over a hundred and fifty silent films with live music accompaniment and talented composers.


Stay tuned for more on this exciting event!

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