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Screens at Newport Beach Film Festival April 26th

7:30 PM at The Lido

3425 Via Lido, Newport Beach, CA


Legendary FMX stars Mike Metzger and Seth Enslow to attend

The ultimate, most intense, high-stakes extreme sport on the planet, filled with rebels and hellions, willing to pay the ultimate price for the ultimate rush: Freestyle Motocross.  Emmy Award ® nominated “Unchained” is the definitive, adrenaline-soaked and sometimes heart-wrenching story of the birth and never-ending evolution of this sport.   The film is narrated by Academy Award ® nominated actor Josh Brolin and features action sports luminaries including Travis Pastrana, Brian Deegan, Mike Metzger, Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, Carey Hart, Jeremy McGrath, Tony Hawk, creator of Monster Energy drink and early supporter of the sport, Mark Hall, and Ron Semiao of ESPN and the X Games, among many others.

Following in the footsteps of “Dogtown and Z Boys” and “Riding Giants,” award-winning filmmakers Paul Taublieb and Jon Freeman, both intimately involved with the evolution of the sport, tell the story of how a group of former racers smashed the uptight racing culture and against all odds, create a reality — and lifestyle – all their own.  The film is supported by Monster Energy.


See you there!


(Source: Press materials provided by Andy Coscarelli, Tellem Grody, PR)

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