Oscilloscope Laboratories Presents #JulietteBinoche and Lou de Laâge in Piero Messina’s L’ATTESA (THE WAIT)

Stunningly shot and deeply resonant, L’ATTESA heralds the arrival of a talented new voice. With Sicily as his backdrop, Piero Messina (assistant director on Paolo Sorrentino’s THE GREAT BEAUTY) navigates a range of emotions in telling the strange, irresistible story of the relationship between two women from different generations.   Academy Award®-winner Juliette  Binoche stars as Anna, who is meeting her son Giuseppe’s French girlfriend, Jeanne (Lou de Laâge), in the lead up to Easter festivities. Young and enchanting, Jeanne arrived with excitement before Giuseppe, whose continued delays and lack of presence cast a dark, mysterious shadow over the household. Why is Giuseppe not here and when will he appear? As Anna and Jeanne wait, they grow closer than either imagined they would, despite the secrets they’re harboring from one another.


About Director Piero Messina

Piero Messina was born in Caltagirone in 1981. Having graduated with honors from DAMS, he took a degree in directing at the Rome Film School. He has made numerous shorts and documentaries. His short films include TERRA, shown at the 65th Cannes festival in the Cinéfondation section; LA PRIMA LEGGE DI NEWTON, which received a Special Mention at the Rome Film Festival, a nomination for a Silver Ribbon and one for a Golden Globe; and LA PORTA, selected at the Rotterdam Festival. Among his documentaries, PIRRERA was shown at the Rome Film Festival and won, among others, the Libero Bizzarri Prize.

He worked as assistant director on Paolo Sorrentino’s films THIS MUST BE THE PLACE and LA GRANDE BELLEZZA (THE GREAT BEAUTY). He has directed documentaries for RAI and the programme Capolavori Svelati for Sky Arte. In January 2014, he directed the pilot short for the Giorgio Armani project Films of City Frames, aimed at students at some of the most important film schools in the world.

About Lou de Laâge

Lou de Laâge is a French actress and former model whose film credits Thomas Bardinet’s NINO (UNE ADOLESCENCE IMAGINAIRE DE NICO FERRER) (2011), Danièle Thompson’s comedy DES GENS QUI S’EMBRASSENT (2013) and Mélanie Laurent’s RESPIRE (2014). She recently garnered rave reviews for her performance in Anne Fontaine’s AGNUS DEI which premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival.

About Juliette Binoche

Born in Paris, Juliette Binoche made her feature film debut in 1983 with LIBERTY BELL. Her performance in the 1988 film THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING thrust her into the international spotlight, and she was honored with an Academy Award in 1997 for her work in THE ENGLISH PATIENT. Binoche has continued to turn in acclaimed and successful performances, while remaining true to her commitment to high-quality projects. She starred in the French-Taiwanese film Flight of the RED BALOON (2007) as well as CERTIFIED COPY, for which she won Best Actress at the 2010 Cannes film festival. She recently earned rave reviews for her lead performance in the critically acclaimed hit CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA.

(Source: Press release provided by Shipra Gupta, brigademarketing.com)

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  1. I saw this in Sydney two nights ago and must congratulate Piero Messina for what is a powerfully dramatic film. My review sees it more as a psychological thriller where “the minimalist dialogue and slow pace creates an open space into which is hung a finely wrought portrait of parental grief. Please drop in.

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