Welcome to the newest blog on film review and film distribution. I’m a veteran of many film festivals including AFI Hollywood, TCM Classic Film Festival, and the up and coming Santa Barbara International Film Festival. To date I’ve written and published thirty-five film reviews and have work posted on three sites, sbccfilmreviews.org, imdb.com and filmbutton.com. In addition, I have been published in Classic Film Images magazine.

In addition to writing reviews and covering film festivals, I am currently seeking distribution for new films. I have contacts in several major markets including Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and Cannes, France and as I write this post I’m actively developing contacts in Tokyo, Japan.

So when you’re looking for your film to get noticed, remember HollywoodGlee can help. We have professional marketers, respected critics and the most knowledgeable contacts on what film festival and/or distribution channel is right for you and your film.