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EMERGENCY Gives a Wild Ride at Sundance Film Festival


Posted by Larry Gleeson

Carey Williams has returned to the Sundance Film Festival with an identically titled, feature-length update to his short film, Emergency. And, it is a wild ride. Exploring the human condition through the eyes and world views of his characters, Williams interjects moments of comedic relief, while maintaining a firm grip on the film’s narrative sets the tone early in a masterfully directed “safe space” scene of a deadpan classroom debate on the N-word.


Sabrina Carpenter portrays Maddy in Carey Williams’ Sundance Film Festival US Dramatic Competition entry, EMERGENCY, from Amazon Studios. (Photo courtesy of AccoladePR)

Donald Elise Watkins, who bears a striking resemblance to Daniel Kaluuya, portrays Kunle, a Princeton bound college senior, who winds up on a complicated adventure with his roommates Sean (RJ Cyler) and Carlos (Sebastian Chacon) when a young party girl, Emma (Maddy’s younger sister) portrayed by Maddie Nichols, turns up incapacitated on their floor.

What ensues provides a canvas for playful, hard-hitting social satire that hits the bullseye.  Keep an eye out for this director and this film’s release! Four stars.