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Eshaana Sheth Brings THE BUTTER KNIFE to Ojai


Posted by Larry Gleeson

Trained Actor-director, Producer-writer Eshaana Sheth unleashed The Butter Knife at the 19th Annual Ojai Film Festival Friday morning, November 2nd, at the Ojai Art Center Theater. Utilizing snappy banter between her lead characters, Ria (Shalina Bathina), a witty, resourceful young American woman and Alistair (Daniel Halden), a bespectacled young, male Brit, Sheth slashes through cultural norms, stereotypes and even manages to whip in some geopolitical witticisms along with a Hitchcockian cameo!

Filmmaker Eshaana Sheth addresses the audience during a Q & A at the 19th Annual Ojai Film Festival following the screening of her new film, The Butter Knife, at the Ojai Art Center Theatre, in downtown Ojai, Calif., Friday morning, November 2nd, 2018 (Photo Credit: Larry Gleeson/HollywoodGlee)

In addition to Sheth’s talents, Cinematographer, Editor and Sound Producer, Sean Cruser, dazzles with a dynamic camera accentuating the hysterical interpersonal, heated exchange between the two leads.

Based on the reaction from the morning screening, The Butter Knife is a film to be reckoned with when it comes time for audience awards and screens again next Sunday, November 11th, 10 AM, at the Chaparral Auditorium in downtown Ojai. The film festival runs through November 11th.