Posted by Larry Gleeson

The director at the 31st edition of the festival has gone through his career: “the thing, the film on the PCI crisis, was the testimony of a debate unimaginable.”

“When they told me that my films were a reflection of a generation  I felt a certain impatience. Today I see with different eyes. Those first few films I say that if you really, through the story of my personal life, have been able to tell those of an entire generation, I can not ignore this thing as a great privilege. ”

It’s a Nanni Moretti that runs through all his long career that spoke today in Bologna at the 31st edition of the festival Il Cinema Ritrovato, promoted by the Bologna Cinematheque. The festival runs until July 2. The presentation of the book-length interview, The autobiographie dilatée, Entretiens avec Nanni Moretti, curated by critic Jean Gili, was recently published in France by Broché.

They revisited the early moments of his formation and his first film loves: “I used to love the cinema of the Taviani brothers, whose stylistic simplicity I tried to inspire in my early works. I was then a supporter of the film Carmelo Bene and I wonder how I could still reconcile my two passions of aesthetic film as that of Good and the Taviani. Our Lady of the Turks  is one of the movies I’ve seen several times, along with the sweet life and eight and a half  by Federico Fellini. ”

And the memories of Nanni Moretti could not not cross 1989, the year of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the crisis of the Italian Communist Party and Palombella rossa , followed a few months later by The thing, a documentary depicting the debate within the PCI Achilles Occhetto: “I was fascinated by the scope of that debate, that involves not only the leftists, but all Italians. Today such a thing would be unthinkable.”