Sundance Festival Adds Seven Films and Events to the 2016 Lineup


Sundance Institute has added seven additional films and events to the 2016 Sundance Film Festival including two new feature films, three archive films and two special events.

The two new feature films are Tickled, a stranger than fiction documentary about a mysterious tickling competition, and Becoming Mike Nichols, an intimate film into the acclaimed director/producer constructed from interviews filmed in the months leading up to his death.  Tickled, is entered in the World Cinema Documentary Competition and Becoming Mike Nichols is listed under Documentary Premieres. Both films are making world premieres at Sundance 2016.

The three archive films selected hail from the Sundance Collection housed at UCLA as part of the film preservation program specifically dedicated to independent documentaries, narratives and short films supported by Sundance Institute (established 1997) are City of Hope (1991), from director and screenwriter John Sayles, River of Grass (1994)  from director and screenwriter, Kelly Reichardt, and Walking and Talking (1996), from director and screenwriter, Nichole Holocener.

The new special events are American Epic, and  Dazed and Confused. Both events will include live conversations with the creators and producers. American Epic, is the story behind the synthesis of modern music and will include live performances by artists including the Avett Brothers as well as extended conversations from Robert Redford, Jack White and T Bone Burnett. For Dazed and Confused, Richard Linklater and Jason Reitman will share their filmmaking stories, behind-the-scenes insights and funny anecdotes about a film with a cast of unknowns who went on to become household names.

For the latest updates and to access the full line up to the 2016 Festival click here: Digital Program Guide.